Sadly but true, not all couples get to spend the holidays together. However, it doesn’t mean that you should leave your significant other without a gift this holiday season! Most Chinese women may not celebrate such traditional Western holidays as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but all sexy Chinese girls would be on cloud nine to get a thoughtful gift from their long distance relationship partner.

And trust me when I tell you this: finding a Chinese bride will NOT exhaust your finances, as Chinese women don’t necessarily need super expensive gifts to feel your love in a long distance relationship.

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A thoughtful gift can melt Chinese young women hearts more than an iPhone X can melt the heart of American women. That’s the sad reality that makes many American men want to scream I want a Chinese girl!” at the top of their lungs (and we can totally understand why!).

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most thoughtful gifts you can mail to your long distance Chinese mature lady this holiday season to make her fall in love with you all over again.

(But don’t go after low-hanging fruit and just buy flowers; you can do much better than that!)

Painting of the two of you

Chinese women are obsessed with their Chinese lady pics, which is why it would be very sweet to turn the photo of the two of you into a hand painting.

If you don’t have any photos where both of you are photographed together, let the painter picture you together kissing passionately or hugging intimately based on two separate photos of you.

That is such an incredible gift idea that the two of you will be even more excited about meeting in real life and recreating that kiss / hug from the painting.

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Sweets (but not just any)

While it may seem as if sexy beautiful Chinese girls never eat anything sugary (I mean, look at their slim bodies!), Chinese women are actually sugar junkies!

So send your long distance Chinese mature lady something that she wouldn’t normally find at Chinese grocery shops. Think: a giant gummy bear or a huge set of sweets that can be found only in your country. Make it truly special.

Photo book of memories

I’ve already mentioned above that photos of beautiful Chinese women can be an extraordinary gift. Well, here’s another idea, but this one requires you to put some effort into it.

Create a photo book of memories that you share together. It may be photos of your shared trip together, you kissing or fooling around – or, if you don’t have any photos of you together yet, take photos of the two of you having a Web Cam video chat!

Or take screenshot of some of the most memorable bits of your chat conversation (for example, the first time you wrote that you have feelings for her).

Send her books (and read together)

Speaking of books… Consider sending your significant other a new book every month or two. And get one copy for yourself, too!

In such a way, you get to do something meaningful together without having to be together physically.

There’s something magical about reading the same book (and probably even flipping through the same pages at the same time) together in long distance relationships.

Bonus: you will have more topics to discuss during your chats or Web Cam video conversations.

A stuffed version of you

All sexy Chinese girls absolutely love stuffed animals (I mean, who doesn’t?).

But she probably has a room full of stuffed animals such as pandas, dogs, cats, teddy bear, and others. So instead of sending her yet another stuffed animal, send her a stuffed version of YOU!

Yes, there are actually companies that do that! Not only is this a fun long distance relationship gift idea that will be a reminder of you, but also will make your Chinese girlfriend feel safer when she wraps her arms around ‘you’ at night.


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