Chinese marriage

Nowadays, more and more western gentlemen choose to date pretty Chinese girl on Chinese dating site and finally get married. As the old legend in China goes that the fatherly God-in-the-moonlight ties a red string around the ankles of the man and woman who are supposed to be husband and wife someday. Thus, no matter how far apart they are, they will eventually get married. To marry a Chinese woman, western gentleman may have interest to know traditional Chinese marriage customs. Here below are some information about the traditional wedding customs on the wedding day.

 Chnlove Review: Chinese Wedding Activities

Wedding Day: Picking up the Chinese Bride

As a saying goes, on the wedding day, that Chinese lady will become the most beautiful bride in the world, the groom will send a carriage over to the Chinese wife‘s family to bring the bride home. As the red color represents festival or feast. So on that day, he carriage will be decorated in red and is carried by servants. Musicians will accompany the procession and they will play wedding music all the way. A lot of gifts are also brought to the bride’s family at the same time.

Bride Leaving Home

As the groom’s procession arrives, The bride cannot touch the ground with her feet until she arrives at the groom’s house. In some regions, a red umbrella is used to shield the bride as the opening of the umbrella will symbolize her bringing many descendants to the groom’s family. As the bride leaves the house, her parents and her relatives will bid her farewell as she rides the carriage and leaves home. Usually, there will have two beautiful Chinese girls who are not married yet. They will follow the brides to the groom’s family and serve her all the way .

Bride Arriving at the Groom’s Home

After the beautiful bride arrive at the groom’s house, the couple will worship the ancestors and worship the heavens and earth firstly., and then they will serve tea to the groom’s parents according the their seniority and the relatives will give them red packets or bridal jewelry in return.

The Wedding Banquet

On the day of wedding, the groom’s family will hold a big wedding feast. In the old days, some villagers may use up to seven continuous days to entertain the relatives during a wedding. Every night, delicious food is being served to all the guests.



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