Are you in your late teens or 20s and, interested in Asian dating, and looking to date a woman in her 30s? Maybe you like Asian women and want to meet mature Asian women. When you are considering where to meet Asian girls, perhaps that Chinese lady picture in your mind is of somewhat much older than you. In a lot of ways, age really is a number and dating a woman older than you is not much different than dating any other women. However, there are some things that are different, and they are worth keeping in mind when you are considering Chinese singles dating with someone who is significantly older.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

#1: Lifestyle

As you might imagine, you are likely to be at a different place in life than she is. You might be finishing school or starting your career, while she is probably well established. You might follow the stereotype of hard-partying 20-something and settled 30-something, but everyone’s different. In any case, your chances for success are better if you keep this in mind and try to find some middle ground.

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#2: Family

Your family relationships will probably be different as well. While you might have parents who still feel protective of you and figure prominently in your life, she might already be someone’s parent. If she is, consider that her former partner might also be part of her life as the father of her children. Also, consider that her relationships with other family members will be different due to her being older. Finally, consider what the impact might be of her being closer in age to the older members of your family.

#3: Sex

Women reach their sexual peak in their 30s, while men peak in their late teens and early 20s. For that reason, the 30-something the Chinese beautiful women you want to date, might be more sexually compatible than beautiful Chinese girls your age! Keep in mind, though, that her sex drive could be pretty high and you could need all the stamina you can get.

#4: Confidence

Chances are, your relationship experience will not be as extensive as hers. This means she knows what works, what she wants from a relationship, and what doesn’t. Because she has been through all of this before, she will also be more confident about stating what she wants and needs.

#5: Social References

If she mentions a TV show from her childhood and you’ve never heard of it before, it means you might have different social references. This is not always a problem, but if you have no social references in common, it could feel like you are talking two different languages.

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#6: Health

Keep in mind that as someone much younger, you will probably stay healthy longer. This can have tough consequences in a long-term relationship. Consider whether you are ready to watch her retire while you are still mid-career. Also, she will be more susceptible for life-threatening conditions that come with advanced age while you are still relatively young and healthy.

#7: Flings

Consider that she may not be looking for something serious. She might just want to have fun and thinks a younger man might be just the thing for it. Just like you like to look at hot Chinese women pics, she might just want a younger man for eye candy and a good time.

#8: Wisdom

Having lived more of her life, she has seen more and been through more than you. Therefore, she probably has more wisdom to convey. Pay attention and keep open mind, and you might learn from her. However, trust her judgment because she has been around already.


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