There are a lot charming Chinese girls out there. When you try to hit on one of these hot Chinese women, wrong moves may push Chinese girls away and ruin your Chinese women dating. Are you doing it right?

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Step 1: Show the Chinese girls your manners

Good manners are always the first thing that attracts women. This is an universal rule. Some women may prefer you to “man up”. But this doesn’t mean being rude or disrespectful to people around you. When you take Chinese online dating into the real world, keep in mind that show your manners all the time when you meet Chinese girls. Many times, being rude to a waitress can be a major turn-off to more than 84% of single Chinese ladies according to a research. This goes for women from any country.

Step 2: Give her all your attention

Women are different creatures, they need attention, especially from their admirers. If you manage to meet Chinese women, don’t blow it by your halfhearted behaves. Look at her into her eyes, don’t check your cell phone too often, and the most important, don’t look at other attractive women. This is offensive and rude. It is a date that you go on, make it worth it. Pay your attention, chat with her, let her know that you really like her.

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Compliment is necessary but don’t over do it. You can compliment her look when you first meet her or simply say that “You’ve got beautiful eyes” while talking to her and looking into her eyes. This is all pleasant and to some degree romantic, Chinese girls like it. However, it is more or less creepy if a man keeps complimenting a girl during the conversation. Moreover, it makes you seem less valuable. Believe it or not, many men make this mistake.

Step 3: Generate chemistry

Chemistry is the foundation of a healthy relationship. When you see a Chinese beautiful girl photo and hit on her, then take her on a date. You must feel the chemistry between you two. It is not the same feeling when you see Chinese women in bikinis. Chemistry is something your generated with your heart, it is not only physical. Let the single Chinese ladies you date know that you are into them. Use proper body languages such as tapping gently her shoulder and touching her arm. Let the chemistry generate gradually and you can flirt with her when time is right. Having a candlelight dinner is something no woman can resist.


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