If you’ve never dated a Chinese girl before, you’d be better off learning what to expect from a relationship with a Chinese lady before asking her out.

Chnlove Review:Not all Chinese women are submissive.

That’s a stereotype. A Chinese girl may act submissive in the early stages of your relationship, but she’ll most likely reveal her true character once she gets to know you better and feels comfortable in your company.

Chnlove review,Chinese girls

Chnlove Review:Don’t use your tongue when kissing.

At least until she’s comfortable with it. If you’re wondering do Chinese women like to kiss – they do. But French kissing may be a problem, as Chinese girls often refuse to use their tongue when kissing. If she’s eager to learn how to French kiss, you can teach her. Otherwise, no pressure.

Chnlove Review:Chinese women are obsessed with looks.

Don’t be surprised if your Chinese girlfriend spends too much time putting on makeup, doing her hair and other things (don’t they all!). Chinese women are particularly obsessed with their looks. Beauty for Chinese ladies is like water for fish.

Chnlove Review:Eat everything she wants you to eat.

A Chinese girl may get offended if you refuse to eat Chinese food or call it disgusting or weird.

Chnlove Review:Chinese gals love to cook.

Chinese women are caring and tender creatures, and they love to feed their man. Be sure you gift your Chinese lady her favorite flower, whether it’s a rose or lily Chinese food will taste even more delicious. Chinese women love presents and put even more effort in cooking when they feel appreciated.

Chnlove review,Chinese girl Nina

Chnlove Review:Chinese girls don’t shave much.

That’s because they simply don’t need to! Most Hair on the arms and legs is unusual for the Chinese. So that may be a problem if you want your lady to sport the bush down there.

Chnlove Review:No pubic hair, but dark hair everywhere.

Just because your Chinese girlfriend has no pubic hair doesn’t mean you won’t be finding knots of long black hairs everywhere in your house. From her head, of course. Everywhere, every day, all the time. Get used to it.

Chnlove Review:Chinese ladies don’t like much physical contact in public.

Chinese girls are generally too shy – and just because she feels comfortable enough to show her affection to you, doesn’t mean she wants to show that affection in public. So keep your PDAs to a minimum.

Chnlove Review:Make sure you pronounce her name right.

Don’t expect to meet Chinese girl Nina or with some other easily-pronounced name. Although it’s easy to mess up pronunciation of most of Chinese names, your Chinese girlfriend expects you to say it right if you want to be dating her.

Chnlove Review:Chinese girls don’t like to be fetishized.

Just because you start fantasizing about Chinese ladies every time you Google pictures Chinese women or chinesehotgirls, doesn’t mean every Chinese girl wants to be fetishized. So forget about the yellow fever. If you’re dating a Chinese woman, you’re dating a person, not your fantasy or fetish.

Chnlove Review:Her parents won’t like you.

If you’ve read about weddings in China facts and details suggest that Chinese parents love to set up their children with their friends’ children. So don’t be surprised if your Chinese girlfriend’s parents will immediately reject you. But make sure you do your best to win their support!


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