This is a letter from one of our gentleman members. In this letter, there might be no flowery language and clear-structure, but we can see an sincere feeling, and earnest advice from that. We are stirred to the depth by the stories of them.

We me in Bejing 6 months later after many e mails. Our interpreter who is also the same person who did our emf letters was there at airport with Xin. Xin and I were equally nervous, But our interpreter acted as a good friend to the both of us. We became more comfortable with time.

The next day we went to visit downtown Beijing it was very crowded and Xin and I were having problems with each other. An argument broke up later as we were both exasperated. Xin then called her interpreter and things went much smoother afterwards. I want to thank the agency and our internecine as she remained willing to help both Xin and I understand one another

Eventually our relationship blossomed and during my 2 week stay we became very found and close. Xin had tears in her eye so sad to see me leave as I also missed her dearly.

It’s been only a month since I left china.
Xin and I email every day and we hope to get married in 2011.

For a westerner to be able to appreciate a fine Chinese lady is in itself an amazing and wondrous event.

I truly like china and Tianjin and the people there!
One can only grasp the magnitude and vastness of modern. China by. Being there !

I now understand that the people who translate for chnlove also act as matchmaker and help their Chinese lady to better understand their correspondence.
I am truly grateful that their care and dedication goes well beyound from what I ever expected from them !

Indeed I recommend chnlove to any Westerner who truly in their heart and mind wish to meet and marry a Chinese lady. By using chnlove the Chinese lady of your choice has a much better understanding of the complexities from a culture half a world away.

My advice then is to make sure that the lady you write to is the one you would like as a wife. Chinese girls are sharp and expect their futur boyfriend to be both serious and interested with them. But once they trust you they are quick to make up their mind as they are vividly interested in marriage having dated their mate for even just a week as it turned out with me.

I found. Xin to be strong minded and well balanced emotionally and intellectually
Yet with a very simple and common sense approach to life

And yes the Chinese reputation for commitment in a relation is well deserved and once a lady says she loves you she truly means it as a life long commitment

Lastly men who want to date Chinese lady should expect to pay for everything!

So budget for 2

Also it’s a good idea to buy your Chinese girlfriend nice present as a token of appreciation as it’s customary for any Chinese to date a lady.

Do not appear concern with the expenses but simply view it as a way of proving your sincerity

Looks are also extremely important as clothing has to be impeccable especially in urban china were even a common factory worker wears nice and clean clothing.

Well I am closing my site here and wish all of chnlove. A happy new year !

Sincerely yours

Many Thanxs

– Member ID: CM983355, British Columbia, Canada

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