Hello guys, I’m C living in Singapore. I am so happy that I’ve ended my single life since July this year. Not girlfriend, but wife. Just like a dream, I can’t believe that I’m so lucky having met my wife. Now I want to share my happy story with you bros!

By chance, I joined Chnlove, a dating website, in June, 2012. I filled out my profile and began scanning through the pictures of online ladies. Afterwards, I haven’t logged in for some time because of too much work to do. In 2013, I began chatting with several girls on Chnlove but the turning point appears on Jun 29, 2013.

I checked my mail box and found an admirer mail from a Chinese girl. Enclosed in the mail there are three pics of a beautiful girl, and that girl is exactly my wife now. Her name is Cloris Pan. I was touched by her sincere attitude revealed by her words. From her mail, I could see that she was careful about choosing a man to talk with. Luckily I was so honored to receive her mail. Then we communicated through EMF mails for a couple of weeks and then switched to love call. BTW, I went to China 5 years ago and once worked there for several years so I can speak some Chinese. That makes our communication smoother. Cloris is a primary school teacher with tender voice. Talking with her is really comfortable. And I felt that we have many common interests and maybe I should not let this chance slip away.


After summer, we met each other in Sep in Shenzhen. She picked me up at the airport. She was smiling and waving at me. I couldn’t help giving her a big hug and she didn’t refuse me. She seemed a little shy and I really love her innocent smile, that’s the kind of smile with no impurity. I fell in love with her that day and so did she. She took me to some scenic spots in Shenzhen and we had a great time in this city. After the first date, we went traveling in many cities in China in Dec and also in Feb, 2014. Not until then did I realize that what matters to your journey is not the beautiful tourist attraction itself, but the people who you are accompanied by. I proposed to Cloris in June, and we got married this July. We were given best wishes from both of our families.

Now my wife has moved to my living place in Singapore. She is learning English and her English’s getting better and better. I feel very satisfied with my wife, a beautiful and smart Chinese woman. Thanks to my grasp of the opportunity of meeting her, or I will be regretful. We love each other very much. At last, many thanks to ChnLove. You bring my angel to me. You make me feel I am the happiest man in the world. Thank you!


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