There is a number of dating websites for western men to search single Chinese women in Asian. Somehow it always make people confused to choose a dating site. I would like to say is a great marriage site, coz I found my girlfriend on this site and become my fiancee now. Here is my personal experience about my love.

Great Service in provides many ladies options for me to choose. I really remembered that I had receive many Chinese women letters to express their interest on me since I joined their membership. I also tried to search my dream ladies by their search engine. One day I saw a Chinese young woman sent her interest in my admire mail box. I browsed her profile, her fresh smile and charming hair style did impress me. Well, I didn’t pay much attention on her at that moment. After I read her profile, she said her favour sport is same as mine. I thought we maybe the same type on the sport aspect or we could try to be friend.

I think to receive others interest do make me feel good. I can reply their interest instead of sending my interest to them, lol…. As time goes by, I tried to use those service on, such as live chat, EMF mail, cupid date. It is quite useful for me, especially the live chat. I can chat with my girlfriend, but not girlfriend at that moment. We just started with our favourite sport. I have to say has quite a lot of technologies but slightly expensive for communicating with my Chinese woman.

After I used, I found was the biggest dating site in China. It is free to join their membership by simply filling up personal profile and search ladies by selecting preferences, such as age and marital status. I can also send my interest to my dream lady by using cupid note, which is my big love and easy.

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Impact of Anti-Cram Policy on Chinese Women

At the very beginning, I was not that trust Even I should say I am not really trust those dating sites, coz I believe dating fraud happen quire often. It does hurt people which is more than losing time and money. I feel has done very well to help people avoiding dating fraud. They have a anti-cram policy to suppress and punish agencies on dishonest issues. Moreover, they have customers care team who help me to solve my technological problems and communication concerns with my lady. So I am quite happy with this, they do give me wonderful dating experience.

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To conclude, I have to say gave me quite good dating experience while comparing with others. indeed gave me a hand when I encountered communication problems, so I got my fiancee now.


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