Thousands of Chinese women have been living in the United States for the last decade or so, married to American men. Statistically, over 10,000 Chinese women seeking American men come to the United States each year striving to start a new life and become part of a new family, and here is why.

Why are Chinese Women Seeking American Men?
It is generally accepted that America is still a much better place to live in than China. Educated Chinese women are looking for a good husband and a better life in the land of opportunities. And if you have taken a closer look at Chnlove, you would have found most women are more mature. Some may even have experienced hardship in their previous marriage, and now bear the responsibility to take care of their children by themselves. More often than not, these Chinese women are more responsible, independent and know how to take care of others. However, it won’t be easy for them to find their Mr. Right again, bounded by the unwritten society constraints in China. Luckily,  they found American men treat women as their equals and are generally respectful. American men tend to feel more excited about their interests, hobbies or characteristics than their past experience, so they were attracted,

Why are American Men Attracted to Chinese Women?
American men, on the other hand, like Chinese women for their essential femininity. Even the most career-minded Chinese woman takes more care of her appearance than the average American woman.

Some American men turn to women from China for marriage because they are looking to start their family with a good-looking wife, who retains a commitment to home and hearth despite working outside.

In some cases, the chances of a more mature but financially well-established American man’s chances of finding a relatively young and attractive wife may be slim in America. Chinese women look beyond appearances and are willing to settle for affection and a secure future with an older man in the United State.

How are Chinese Women Doing in the United States?
Chinese women initially find it difficult to adjust to the United States, because of the difference in language and culture. But with the help of patient husbands, most of them are able to go for satisfying work careers and family lives. The Chinese women in the United States are usually well-educated, and have a passable, if not native grasp of the English language, which only improves with time.

Since Chinese women are often slim and attractive, it is easier for them to blend into an American neighbourhood. According to the survey, the divorce rate between Chinese women and American men is lower than the national average in the United States. If you are looking to get married to a Chinese woman, sign up on and take the first step towards a fulfilling married life today.


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