There are two things very important in the whole life of Chinese ladies. One is to reduce weight and the other is to find a good man and marrying him. Although they are playing a much more significant role in the modern society than before, who have a career and manage a high income, women in China still regard marriage as the biggest thing in their life. Meanwhile, deeply influenced by the present aesthetic standard, most Chinese single ladies commit herself to lose weight in order to look very slim or thin, even many Chinese females are actually not fat at all. In the eyes of these ladies, “I am thinner than you” equals “I am much prettier than you”. Besides, the two things are related to each other in some way. .

China Ladies Shed Weight For Love

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The weight over 50 Kg means fat to Chnese girl.

You know, all men in the world love women who have beautiful look and hot body figure. In the old China, fat women are considered to be beautiful. While in present China, men like slim girls. But the so-called slim girls are actually thin or puny according to the world health standard. If a Chinese girl is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 50 kilograms, then she will be considered a little fat. So most healthy single girls try various way to change her great figure into slim body in order to be a beautiful female in Chinese men’s eyes, to get his attention and win his love.

Chinese Brides Bury Herself In Family Matters

After the relationship has been settled down or they get married, these oriental brides throw herself into the households and work, and spend less time in taking care of her outward appearance. Then one day when she clears up the closet and discovers her favourite dress before, she puts it on with joy but is disappointed to find that the sexy slim body exists no more. And later she notices that her husband always comes home late and smiles less to her. She senses that he’s having an affair with someone else. How pathetic Chinese wives are. They contribute so much to the marriage and family, but lose everything at last.

Western Men Appreciate Both Appearance & Personality Of China Women

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Chinese beautiful girls love western men

For that, Chinese women have no safe sense to find Chinese husbands. Because they tend to love her beautiful outside instead of her good inside. But western guys seem to give more appreciation and respect to these ladies. From the viewpoint of foreigners, these Chinese singles are not fat but hot, which makes Chinese women look confident and beautiful again. In return, western men get what they want most, a honest wife, stable relationship and happy family life. As a result, speaking from the emotional needs and satisfaction, I believe that western men and Chinese women are perfect match.



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