We acknowledge that there are numerous issues which may lead to frictions and conflicts when you choose a Chinese women as life partner. But love is a world free of nationalities, if you meet, you should face it. Following the principle that prevention is better than cure, it seems wise to air these issues before your Chinese marriage.

These questions were devised to help you and your Chinese woman find out how compatible you really are. Does she is the one person you can see going through life’s ups and downs with? Kindly suggest you can discuss these questions with your future Chinese bride via our EMF mail, Love Call and Live Chat!

1. What are your religious views between you and your Chinese lady?

2. What irritates you most in his (her) conduct?

3. How do you handle arguments with your Chinese bride?

4. Do you share your feelings or keep them inside?

5. Who will handle the checkbook?

6. What is your attitude about the Chinese wife working outside the home?

7. How do you handle money? Do you feel you should save everything or splurge a little?

8. What would you do if your partner became disabled and couldn’t work or faces long-term unemployment? What would you expect from him/her?

9. Do you identify one’s success and/or failure as success and/or failure for both?

10. What is your attitude toward debt?

11. How will you handle reverses? (in case of unemployment, debt, sickness, etc.)

12. Where will you live? (In China or your home country? house/apartment/room and geography?)

13. How important is a Chinese girl’s or guy’s night out?

14. How do you cope when your desire levels are unmatched?

15. What is your feeling about birth control? And what are your views on abortion?

16. When do you plan to have a child? How many children?

17. Do you think you should argue in front of your kids? Do you think you should display affection in front of your kids?

18. How would you discipline your children?

19. Who do you expect would be the primary care giver for your children?

20. How would you handle your partner if they developed a problem such as gambling or alcohol?

21. What would you do if your partner cheated on you?

22. What are your long-range goals? Short-range goals?

We should respect the sanctity of marriage, so before you say, “I do!”, make sure you know your Chinese woman.

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