So you are meeting a woman for the first time (or have just met somewhere) and want to know more about her. You could (and should) ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to her answers. It is certainly a good idea to talk to her and get to know her before you make any judgments. You conversation can fill in a lot of gaps, but you can also get some basic information just by looking at her. Simple observation can tell you a lot, but also keep in mind the adage about judging a book by its cover. Remember that people tend to present their best face in social situations and what is underneath might be very different. For example, good-looking women are often not as independent or successful as others think they are.

If you look carefully, however, there are many things you can tell right away. Here are five things to look for when you first meet:

meeting a woman

  1. Whether She is Ready to Meet Someone New (Like You)
    You are at a dive bar and she is dressed for a night at the club, your local coffee shop and she is wearing a tight-fitting Little Black Dress. If she is overdressed for the occasion, there is a good chance she didn’t just misread the dress code. A sexy woman will often dress up (even if it is not appropriate for the situation) when she wants to meet men. If you are in a dress-to-impress situation, you can still tell by how much attention she pays to detail—the fit of her dress, the look of her makeup—just what kind of impression she wants to make. She may not always dress to the nines just to meet men, but this, along with others, can be a good indication.
  2. What Her Drink Tells You About Her Libido
    As if all the other health benefits of red wine weren’t enough, research has found that two glasses of red wine increases arousal in both men and women. Red wine has compounds that stimulate erogenous zones. It also facilitates increased blood flow to the nether regions, which has been found to increase sexual desire. If she is on her second glass of red when you meet her, she could just like the taste, but it might also mean that she is really ready for sex!Asian women
  3. How She Looks At You
    A Florida State University study observed a woman and man alone in a room. Women who looked at the man with wide eyes, raised eyebrows, and sidelong glances were more likely to have indicated openness to sex on individual surveys. If you ever wondered what it meant when she looked at you like that, now you know.
  4. If She Looks Like She Works Out A Lot
    Studies show that women who are overweight (and therefore usually not as athletic) tend to have highers amounts of estrogen levels.Women with higher estrogen levels are more likely to look for symmetry in a man’s looks. If she is athletic looking, then, she is less likely to judge you based on your looks.
  5. How Warm or Cold She is Toward You
    A Villanova researcher and his wife, a researcher at Rutgers, have found that promiscuous women tend to be socially very warm or very cold.An antagonistic woman might sleep with a lot of people to avoid deep relationships, to keep everyone at a distance. Warm people tend to hug and kiss more, so sex seems to just be an extension of that. So, if she is very warm and friendly, or if she won’t give you the time of day, you are more likely to end up in bed with her. Women who are moderately warm tend to have the least sex, so if she seems to just be going through the motions, your chances aren’t as good.


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