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According to some surveys and reports, those who kiss quite frequently are less likely to suffer from stomach, bladder and blood infections. In the following we will have a discussion about the 5 health benefits brought by kissing your beloved one which are verified by scientists.

Protecting teeth
Study shows that kissing is better than any brand of chewing gums in the whole world because it can help prevent teeth from bacterial plaque and saprodontia.  The scientific basis is that when people kiss, their mouths will secrete a lot of saliva which contains calcium phosphorus protecting teeth from decaying. Besides, saliva turns neutralized when people are kissing so that it can prevent many tooth diseases.

Improving looks

Kiss with your lover will improve your outlook.  That’s true. The fact’s that it takes 30 facial muscles to have a kiss. In that way, you could have a better look with your facial skin turning smoother and your blood circulation accelerating. No wonder there is a saying “ Falling in love with someone makes you become beautiful.”

Losing weight
There is no need to risk your life losing weight in order to attract the attention from the opposite sex. Every time when you are kissing, you are burning 12 calories at the same time. Don’t look down on this figure. Scientists have declared that you can lose one pound if you kiss 3 times one day and each time not less than 20 seconds.

Reliving pain
Endorphin, one kind of hormone, is in essence a kind of anesthetic. The more passionate your kiss is, the more endorphin will be secreted inside your saliva. The amount of this hormone produced by one kiss is equal to that of one acesodyne.

There are higher amounts of bacteria in saliva. To all the people, 80% of these bacteria are the same while the remaining 20% are unique to each people. When two people are kissing, the mixture of their saliva will cause various microbial reactions which will stimulate people’s immune system and produce some antibody. It is said by scientists that kissing is one sort of cross-protective immunotherapy.

All in all, kissing does have many benefits. It can make both you and your lover feel happier and make your life more beautiful. Well, you don’t have a lover yet? Oh, why just wait??? Go find that one!



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